Guided by Faith & Love

I have been a Sr. Thea Bowman student for three years. My story begins in January 2014, when I received an acceptance letter for the pre-pharmacy program at Duquesne University.

Despite a rewarding first semester at college, during the second semester, I ran into a problem: lack of money. Having to work two jobs and without any other source of income I soon came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to stay at Duquesne. The jobs interrupted my studies, and overall made life difficult for me. All of that changed when the Financial Aid Office helped me apply for the Sr. Thea Bowman Scholarship. Thanks to this Scholarship, I could continue my pursuit of a college degree and I dropped one of my jobs so that I could devote more time to my studies.

Two years later, as a junior, I was well on my way to graduating with a bachelor of science in chemistry. However, on Easter 2016 I discovered I was pregnant, and soon after, homeless due to living in dorms. I was lost and helpless, but through the counseling from my mentors in the Sr. Thea Bowman Foundation, I was introduced to the Aid for Women.

This organization generously provided housing, parenting classes as well as the opportunity to earn my degree. Aid for Women housed me at one of their residential programs called Heather’s House. I was provided counseling and life skills classes to make me a better parent to my son. This organization also incorporated into its programs teachings of the Catholic faith – it gave me hope as I prayed for strength to stay strong and determined.

Similar to the Sr. Thea Bowman Foundation at Duquesne, I was able to network and connect with mothers going through similar situations as myself. Currently I am attending DePaul University and will be able to graduate with my degree in chemistry. Without the Sr. Thea Bowman Foundation I would not have been able to provide my son a life better than my own.

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