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Sister Thea Bowman Academic Success Scholarships – Serving as a non-profit, it is the  mission and purpose of the Sister Thea Bowman Black Catholic Education Foundation to provide economic support to students, establishing means by which to rekindle and enliven the hope and the  opportunities that schools can offer to Black children. By helping these young people who are filled with hopes and ambitions for  an exciting and productive future, we continue to live the legacy of Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA. These opportunities are strategically  provided to the marginalized communities most in need of such opportunities, as reflected by the criteria of the scholarship.

Sister Thea Bowman Communities-In-Schools Mentorship Program. We ensure communities are created at our partnership universities where our scholars can be supported emotionally and mentored by not only by the Foundations leadership but as well the universities which we choose to partner. Many of our students come from different cultural and economic backgrounds from many of the students they will be engaged with so ensuring emotional well-being is paramount for our student community to know they are accepted, loved, and cared for. This is accomplished in many ways including in person monthly and quarterly meetings and status checks, as well as working with the university staff specifically regarding financial and emotional support for our scholars.

Sister Thea Bowman Foundation Spiritual Enrichment Workshops / Intellectual Development Camps—Spiritual enrichment will be a part of their journey as a scholar with STBF. This will include the Catholic intellectual tradition as well as understanding of Catholic Social Teachings and how we are called to serve those most in need. This is done through summer programs, poetry sessions, and field trips to bring awareness to all aspects of who we are and how we are called to serve. These camps and workshops also provide much needed exposure for our scholars to other parts of the country and world for which they may not be familiar. This helps to broaden the horizon with respect to where and how our students ultimately choose to serve post graduation.

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